Design Thinking

Customer Discovery | Rapid Prototyping | A/B Testing | Iteration | Adobe Creative Suite

DESIGN THINKING PROJECT:   Our four-person team conducted customer discovery and applied design thinking, rapid prototyping, A/B testing, to produce print materials for Swipely at career fairs. We developed five iterations of our prototype within two weeks, and presented our work to Swipely executives. 

Koru @Swipely

During my experience with Koru, an intensive business and professional development program, my team and I worked with the Rhode Island tech startup, Swipely. Our task was to improve the recruitment of young talent to Swipely's sales team. 

Our Process:

  1. Conducted customer discovery, talking with our clients, Swipely and Swipely's potential recruits.

  2. Developed a prototype that we believed would attract the type of recruit Swipely desired. 

  3. Conducted A/B testing to see how our prototype compared with our previous prototype and Swipely's current career fair materials, in the eyes of potential recruits. 

  4. Iterated #2 and #3 in light of feedback from the previous iteration.